Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amercia, Back on Track

Meet Texas Representative Silvestre Reyes.

He has been picked by Nancy Pelosi as the next head of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the House of Representatives.

Yesterday, it was reported that in a recent interview with Congressional Quarterly, Mr. Reyes was asked if the terrorist network Al Quada was comprised primarily of Shiites or Sunnis.

He had a 50/50 chance.

He got it wrong.

First he said, "They are probably both." - That's wrong.

Then he said, "Predominantly - probably Shiite." - That's also wrong.

Al Quada is the terror network led by Osama Bin Laden and they are Sunnis who abhor religious deviation and consider Shiites heretics. (At the moment, I'm taking that information from CNN online and Reuters online, but literally it's in any book you read about the Middle East.)

Also, when asked to describe the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, (you know, Hezbollah, the group that was on TV during that little war with Israel all of last summer) this dude apparently said "Hezbollah, Uh Hezbollah...Why do you ask me these questions at 5 o'clock."

May we also mention that Reyes was a senior member of the Armed Services and Select Intelligence committees?

Now he will be the HEAD of the INTELLIGENCE committee.



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