Monday, January 23, 2006

Canceling the Stars

After a ridiculously heavy holiday marketing campaign, (the entire subway station at 8th & 42nd, literally the whole thing, was covered with posters of Heather Graham’s smiling face) the geniuses at ABC have decided to shut down Emily’s Reasons Why Not after just ONE episode.

The show was built around Heather Graham’s character, Emily, a self-help guru, who through the course of an episode would search for five reasons not to date a new guy after her heart was broken by former boyfriend, and egotistical author, Mark Valley. Reviews for the show were mixed, but hardly as scorching as one would guess after such an abrupt cancellation. Variety Pilot Review here:

The whole ordeal will certainly do nothing to improve “Rollergirl” Graham’s faltering career, as she struggles to shed her current “hot but untalented” label.

“She is about as engaging as rock salt. She is an excellent candidate for the cover of Maxim, but she is unfortunately the No. 1 reason not to watch "Emily's Reasons Why Not”
- Alessandra Stanley, NY Times.

It’s hard to fault ABC for bailing on the high-priced sitcom. Why pay big bucks for the star power of Heather Graham, when you can throw food stamps at a bunch of “C” list celebrities, rent out a ballroom for 20 hours, and score 7th in the Neilson ratings with their new hit show “Dancing with the Stars”? (7th! That fucking shit is the 7th most watched show in America! – ed)

No word yet on who will replace Emily (at the moment she has been ousted for a rerun of The Bachelor) or on how much longer the recently divorced John Stamos has to prove Jake In Progress can shoulder its Monday night burden as ABC struggles to replace the witty repartee of Al Micahaels and “Turducken” connoisseur John Madden.

Are you ready for some bad television?


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous pistol said...

who are the advertising geniuses who came up with this one?

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never saw the show but I agree with you.


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